Rock Creek Kings

DC9 Nightclub Presents

Rock Creek Kings

Chris Urquiaga, Indiana Jonesin

Sun June 30

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

Rock Creek Kings - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Rock Creek Kings
Rock Creek Kings is a DC-based band that combines gritty rock n’ roll spirit with sweet folk harmonies and a contemporary pop sensibility. Known as “RCK” to their fans, the group masterfully balances melody and structure with a loose, rhythmic feel and a knack for improv. Bringing together three established songwriters—Evan Sharess, Jonah Belser, and Erich Collins Carey—RCK emerged from a potent mixture of shameless musical Craigslist posts, never-ending jams, and the race against time. The group has since added Christopher Lawrence, the sax man with a jazz background, and bassist Evan St. John to the lineup. Since getting started in early 2017, RCK has played all over the Northeast, but can primarily be found rocking out in the DMV and New York Metro Region. RCK will be releasing its first single, “Dusk Fire Lullaby,” in May 2019.
Chris Urquiaga - (Set time: 8:45 PM)
Chris Urquiaga
Chris Urquiaga is an exciting singer-songwriter & pianist with a smooth voice who performs music in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He infuses sounds of pop, R&B and Latin music. His recent I'm Here is a Latin pop project which reflects his heritage as a Latino artist, with songs that contain sophisticated melodies, evocative sounds, exotic rhythms, and truthful lyrics in English and Spanish. Chris's show is an experience for people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages to enjoy. There are moments when one feels like dancing, other moments where one feels like they're in love, and other moments where one feels inspired and uplifted. Chris has performed at several venues including the Kennedy Center, The White House, Strathmore, Signature Theatre, Blues Alley, and Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Lima, Perú. He is currently working on his 3rd Latin pop album and the release date for that project will be announced soon.
Indiana Jonesin - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Indiana Jonesin
Indiana Jonesin is a band and musicians' collective based in Washington DC.
Venue Information:
DC9 Nightclub
1940 9th St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001