Distant Creatures

Distant Creatures

Grayling, Fox Hollow, Babbling April

Fri July 6

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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Distant Creatures
Distant Creatures
Washington, D.C. is typically known for its politics and monuments, but beneath the bluster of the city’s talking heads, a group of artists and musicians called Distant Creatures are showing off a more sonically sensuous side of the capital. Distant Creatures are a five piece dreamy indie pop band led by charismatic Persian singer Mina Karimi’s poetic vocals and shimmering guitars. Playing together for three years, they have performed live regionally and have released a single and album so far with Appalachian Groove Records and Custom Made Music.
There’s something very special about music created by a single artist. No bandmates, no safety nets, just the talent and vision of one individual, that rare artist that can create a dynamic release all on their own. Philadelphia, PA’s Grayling, the musical moniker of Lexi Campion, is that rare artist, and her debut EP, Everything That Burns, is that rare release.

Everything That Burns is five finely-tuned tracks: crafted and performed by one immensely talented 22 year old. From gently strummed indie to massive alternative swells, Grayling’s debut displays a wide span of dynamics and textures all held together by Campion’s striking vocals. The soaring crescendos and brooding lows of her voice are a clear highlight on Everything That Burns, but they’re far from her only skillful performance as Campion played every instrument, from drums to guitar, on the album.

Grayling’s debut is not a peek into a young artist finding their footing, it’s a fully formed body of work from a young woman who, at only 22 years old, has already devoted much of her life to songwriting, and the result is a release that’s sure to impress.
Fox Hollow
Indie rock trio Fox Hollow was born in Febuary of 2016 on Long Island, New York, and has been fueled by glitter ever since. Inspired by acts like Arctic Monkeys, As Tall as Lions, David Bowie, The Talking Heads, and even Kanye West, Fox Hollow resultantly brings a breath of fresh air and an eclectic mix of indie, art, and garage rock sounds to the Long Island music scene. Mike Themistocleous (vocals and guitar) can usually be seen sporting a stylish jumpsuit, along with a full face of makeup and lots of glitter. Chris Swift (drums and backing vocals) and Joe Oliveto (guitar) tend to opt for a more subtle look. Since 2016, Fox Hollow has played dozens of New York shows, opening for big names like Bleachers, as well as completed two short tours and one full-length tour. The Dream Reel EP was released in April of 2017, and the trio expects to be recording again in January of 2019
Babbling April
Babbling April has always been a DIY affair, producing the kind of fresh and warmly emotive rock that can hop genres, be quiet or loud, yet always sound distinctly like themselves. The band's spearhead, Dave New, and his female counterpoint, Vivienne Machi, began cutting their teeth in bar rooms in Dayton, Ohio. They began recording under the moniker Babbling April in 2014, which reached its current incarnation after they relocated to Washington, DC, adding the rhythm section of Ben Medina and Ben Melrod. On their newest EP, Holy Gold, acoustic-meets-shoegaze guitar pop ambience echoes across each track as fevered bass lines and distinct vocal textures weave through.
Venue Information:
DC9 Nightclub
1940 9th St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001