Made Violent, Field Trip

Sat March 24

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


This event is all ages

Hunny - (Set time: 11:25 PM)

HUNNY made it clear from the start that their powerful indie-rock music was a force to be reckoned with.

Some of the highlights of their set included hearing the clever lyrics of one of their new infectious singles, “Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me),” and the perfectly played “Cry For Me.” HUNNY ended their night on the strongest note possible with their new track “Televised.” Lead singer Jason Yarger stopped midway through the song to thank whoever left a bouquet of roses on their van, and proceeded to pass 11 of them through the crowd, saving one for himself. He then leapt right back onstage and finished singing the final chorus of the song.
Made Violent - (Set time: 10:10 PM)
If you asked them a year ago if they'd be here today, Made Violent wouldn't be able to tell you. It was then that the trio – Joseph White (bass/vocals), Rob Romano (guitar) and Justin Acee (drums) – secluded themselves in a cabin to make music. No aspirations, no five-year plan.

But the story starts long before that. For years, the three had not only been best friends – they'd been almost inseparable.

"One of them would buy me a Four Loko and I'd sit on a couch in their practice space and watch them play," says White, whose 21st birthday is still months away. "Then I'd go to high school in the morning. I told them I was 19."

Fast forward to 2014 – the band casually releases "Wasted Days" online, "a song about losing everything," says Acee. To their surprise, "Wasted Days" would catch the attention of UK heavyweight NME Magazine. Not long after, the band would find a home at Columbia Records' tastemaker imprint, Startime International.

Now, the trio is on the brink of their virgin release, a short-and-sweet self-titled EP full of subtle nods to their rock and roll forefathers from America and across the pond.

The songs go from sweet to salty on a dime. White abandons the drawl he delivers in "Wasted Days" for a snotty tone on "Inside Out," a seemingly Adderall-laced song about "being tired of someone's shit." Minutes later, the band picks up where "Wasted Days" leaves off with the bright and shiny "On My Own," in which White's vocals are nearly reminiscent of a hip-hop verse.

The band begins its second year of existence by releasing their Made Violent EP February 24th, making their first appearance at SXSW, and preaching the gospel of Made Violent anywhere they can. "We can't wait to hop in our shitty van and drive across the country to play for anyone and everyone," Romano quips. "Two things really matter to us – making as much good music as we can, and touring as much as we can. We never want to stop doing this."
Field Trip - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
It’s not easy for people with strange, sometimes puzzling minds to control the sounds in their heads and effectuate them into meaning. Los Angelean musician Noah Champ has one of those elusive minds: neither here nor there, but somewhere in between. His haunting and cinematic strain of mid-fi pop music, penned field trip, exposes his fascinations with memory, melancholia, emotional vacancy, and personal and social apocalypse, and he has etched these curiosities on tape for us to indulge in.

After moving to New York in 2014 to study music production, Champ (singer/drums), joined by Nico Geyer (guitar) and Phillip Braun (synthesizers), sprung on an opportunity to play at Palisades in late 2014, having since been joined by Will Sacks (guitar) and Claire Gilb (bass). Three years of recording both at home and in the studio, and performing alongside acts such as Cloud Nothings, HOMESHAKE, and Sunflower Bean find field trip tapping into further reaching sounds, connecting the dots between the likes of Factory Records alums, early trip hop, and space-age California. The band has released two cassettes via NYC label Invertebrate, and plans to release a new LP in 2018.
Venue Information:
DC9 Nightclub
1940 9th St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001